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Regular contributors identified below by only initials are - John Birkett (JB), Gavin Hawgood (GH),John Hughes (JAH), Mike Netherwood (MJN), Alan Pearson (AJP) and John Watson (JW).

Butterfly recordsEdit

You are encouraged to post all records of butterflies in Croydon on this site. We are cooperating with the Butterflies of London project, who will use our data to help monitor their distribution. Certain sites are regularly surveyed, but many of our open spaces and gardens are not. Every little helps.

February 2018Edit

  • 18th - Sanderstead (Briton Hill Road): Buff-tailed bumblebee in garden. (JB)
    Bee on snowdrops
  • 16th - Sanderstead (West Hill): 6+ bees (yellow-legged mining bees, adrena flavipes?) feeding on snowdrop flowers. (J & C B)
  • 16th - South Norwood (Pittville Gdns) 11.30am): queen Buff-tailed bumblebee through garden (8°C) (GH)
  • 7th - Sanderstead (Briton Hill Road): Unidentified bee sp (believed buff-tailed) in garden. (JB)

January 2018Edit

  • 14th - Lloyd Park: (13:00) Fresh female Roe Deer carcass (partly butchered - hind-quarters removed) lying outside the scout camp on track between Coombe and Oaks Farms. (John Parish)
  • 8th - South Norwood (Pittville Gdns) 2.30pm: Large bumblebee queen (probably Buff-tailed) flying rapidly S through garden (4°C) (GH)
  • 2nd - Kings Wood: More molehills; different part of wood from yesterday. (JB)
  • 1st - Kings Wood: Fresh molehill.(JB)

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